Natural whey protein advantages and disadvantages

Whey is the by product of cheese production from cow’s milk. Whey contains more than 90 percent concentration of Proteins while the rest includes lactose and other substances. Natural whey protein is always prepared from grass fed cow’s milk and hence would be a little pricey since it is of superior quality.

Natural whey protein does not contain artificial flavoring and works well with most shake recipes. It has several advantages; however, those who are lactose intolerant should avoid Natural whey protein. Whey protein isolate is a good supplement for lactose intolerants since all traces of lactose are removed from it.

These should be consumed in small quantity prior to an exhausting work-out session as they aid in increasing the metabolism of the body. After a work out they can be consumed in the post work out meal where they cater to building up the muscles of the body.

natural protein powder

A natural protein powder is the healthiest protein supplement for the body; however, excess of everything is bad. If any protein supplement is consumed in larger quantities, it can harm the digestive system in addition to adversely affecting kidneys.  For those on a diet smaller quantities in required dosage is recommended.

natural whey protein